Book Extras

 1. Link to RAF BOMBER COMMAND, in charge of the airfield that is under construction during the novel’s early chapters.

2. Link to the YORKSHIRE AIR MUSEUM, located today where Jock McGregor would live after leaving the home of Mary Louise’s parents.

3. Link to EDEN CAMP,prisoner-of-war site similar to one at which Michael Fromm worked once the construction of the bomber airfield was complete.

4. Link to the Imperial War Museums, England.

5. Link to the Snowdonia National Park, the location visited by Mary Louise; she becomes ill during hike; doctor diagnoses her as pregnant.

6. Link to the Home of the Yorkshire Pudding; a stable during the war and an exchange of recipes that occurs during the visit to Snowdonia.

7. The Raven Hotel on the coast of Yorkshire. Close to where Mary Louise stayed during her pregnancy andwaited for the arrival of her baby.

8. The story of Guy Fawkes and November 5th.

9. The genealogist who tracked down the author’s “other family”.

10. Ave Maria by Celine Dion; the song playing in the background as Mary Louise gave birth to her son.

11. Site of one Jock’s early home movies; grandpa played King Charles up the tree.

12. Fight Tuberculosis; a 1950 Information film about the treatment of the disease. Jock McGregor contracted this disease in the mid 1950’s.

13. The Katrina of Europe January 1953; new disruption for coastal England and Holland.

14. Diabetes, then and now; how the understanding and treatment of diabetes has advanced; the situation in the 1940’s and 1950’s for Bob Hutchinson was very different from today.

15. Jews in Shanghai during World War 11; Karen’s story to Michael.

16. The freeways of California; Michael Fromm’s employment after returning to CA after WW11.

17. The drug LSD; (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)  taken by Jock McGregor while living in San Francisco. His experience was not unique.

18. The Sutro Baths, San Francisco; their destruction an event during Jock’s visit to SF.

19. The Grateful Dead in SF; a song from 1966, Jock’s final year in SF.

20. Cioppino San Francisco style; Jock’s food discovery on Fishermans’ Wharf, San Francisco during early 1960’s.

21. The Beatles at Candlestick Park August 29, 1966. Jock and Sarah attended. 

22. Images of San Francisco from 1960’s.

23. Abraham Lincoln High School, San Francisco; where Sarah attended school.

24. Testing for paternity; the recent development of dna tests.

25. The Battle of Sutjeska in Bosnia; the possible reason to explain Jock’s visit to Yugoslavia in 1972. Richard Burton was filming, with the movie released the following year.

26. Pulmonary embolism; Jock McGregor’s cause of death.

27. All Saints, Claverley; Jock’s final resting place.