About the Author


Jonathan Husband has been a human resources executive throughout his post graduate career. He attended the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England during the early 1960’s. His career has helped him develop a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships and the value of emotional intelligence. He has combined this knowledge with his passion for history to perceptively describe people he knew who, from 1943 to 1972, had to deal with emotions that would spiral out of control and take charge of their regular lives. The settings for this story are Yorkshire and other parts of England, and the cities of Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in California. The story begins in war time England in the midst of the bombing campaign over Nazi-occupied Europe. It ends with the death of his father in 1972.

This is Jonathan Husband’s first novel but he hopes it will be followed by other historical fiction novels based on true stories, and published as part of an “encounter” series. Mary Louise, as described in the book, is his mother, and Jock McGregor is the father that he never knew. The novel is written to celebrate his mother for her sacrifice and fortitude in enabling his survival and education. It also respects Jonathan’s father and seeks forgiveness for any disruption that he might have caused to his father’s family as a result of his birth.

Jonathan grew up living a few miles away from the city of York. He spent much of his time living with the neighboring farmer across the road from his mother’s home, and with Mary Louise’s older sister who farmed in East Yorkshire. He attended Upper Poppleton Primary School. His university degree is in geology and geography which gave him the opportunity to study both the terrain of Yorkshire and its agricultural history and human occupation. He first visited the United States in 1978.

Jonathan has lived in Northern California since 1990. He lost his wife to cancer in early 2010 but was blessed with 43 years of happy marriage. He is the proud father of two grown up children. Both are married and each has two young children. He recently completed his career in Human Resources and retired from the University of California. He plays a little golf, enjoys social poker, and is a founding member of a local “boys” book club. His interest in ornithology continues and he stays in regular contact with both sides of his family. He is proud to be alive and healthy.