Pro-Life and the Republican Presidential Debate



It makes me sad to hear the continuous disagreement over the right to choose versus pro-life. Have you ever listened in on a conversation and suddenly realize that they are talking about you? That’s how I felt on Thursday evening August 6th. My compliments to Mr. Trump for recognizing that unwanted children can have successful careers but please don’t treat children of rape as some special category that justifies extinction. My personal belief is that education is the cornerstone of good decision making and that moral judgement is superior to legal mandate.

As someone who recently discovered that he is, according to his mother’s testimony, a child of rape, I rejoice every day that I am alive, have children and grandchildren of my own, and grew up to have a successful career. My mother gave up her own ambitions and freedom for this to happen. As a tribute to her I wrote the novel An Unplanned Encounter which was published last year using my author name of Jonathan Husband. I received much positive feedback but also encountered the shame that some people feel who were connected, even indirectly, with the incident, and who ask for anonymity or privacy. I think it is difficult for certain groups of people, even today, to speak out in support of their own situation without fearing discrimination and other negative consequences. We therefore look to our politicians to be our representatives and to protect the sanctity of life but in a way that takes into account the interests of everyone impacted by an unwanted pregnancy.

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