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I recently had the opportunity to meet someone whose life is dedicated to composing and producing contemporary music without conforming to any particular style. His personal and career ambitions fuse into a single set of goals. It is not a career track that will likely create him much wealth. He wants to do what he loves to do. He wants to create and experiment. I applaud him for this commitment.

It occurs to me that many of these sentiments apply to indie authors. While some, I know, hope, even expect, that their novel will race up to the top of the New York Times Bestseller List, many of us have more modest goals. The reward comes from creating and writing the story and hopefully seeing it in print. The arrival of self-publishing makes these goals much easier to achieve. No longer need we rely on that Literary Agent to accept or reject our handicraft. We can publish it ourselves with the wisdom that a multitude of resources exist out there to guide and teach us should we choose to use them.

I am curious to see how the world of publishing develops during the coming years. As more and more books are published how do we find our audience and enable it to find the very best books to read within each member’s area of interest? Using the internet to deliver our work is simple and easy but how can the traditional “bricks and mortar” outlets best be served? Will we see the creation of more and more niche markets for “how to” books and a diminution in the interest in fiction? Like many artists who simply painted for fun and to challenge the establishment, it is my hope that indie authors can do the same for the written word. Hopefully authors, like musicians and artists, can experiment and evolve their craft without censorship or personal threat.

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