I just want to express words of thanks to those many fine people who organize and support the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA).It meets in Novato, California starting at 9.00 am on the second Saturday of each month. Without its help I doubt that I would be an author today. I became a member 18 months ago on the recommendation of the Chief Librarian in Larkspur Library. It has helped me transform my work career in Human Resources into a retirement career in authorship. I am signed up for three years and I hope I can help it help many more people like me.

BAIPA has acted for me both as a sounding board for writing and a compass for publishing. To those of you out there considering entry into the world of indie authorship, I strongly recommend you find an organization like BAIPA. It answers my questions and provides me with a wealth of information.

I may well live in territory that possesses one of the best self-publishing organizations nation-wide, but there is no obstacle to creating a new and as-good organization. Sometimes local Bookstores offer similar facilities. For example Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA has a comparable service that it calls “Path to Publishing”. Use whatever organization you can find to source knowledge and act as a thermometer of realism.

I would be happy to share the details of my experiences should anyone be interested. I can be contacted through my website at www.jonathanhusband.com.

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