Indie Author New Novel Anniversary

New Cover-front

I truly appreciate those of you who have visited my author website, especially those of you who have returned several times for whatever reason. I am rapidly approaching the first anniversary of publishing my first historical novel. I used to assist me. The book continues to sell modestly as I concurrently follow-up with my marketing efforts. If you require a snippet from the novel to obtain an appreciation of my writing style, just let me know.

Alternatively, if you desire background information, go to the Book Extras page on my website. It contains information on the UK Royal Air Force, the Imperial War Museum, Eden Camp, Ave Maria, tuberculosis, diabetes, life in the Shanghai Jewish ghetto during World War 2, and images of San Francisco during the 1960’s.

I have no regrets in investing time to write and publish a novel. Becoming an indie author is not easy. Would I do anything different if I was just starting today? Probably not. I have learnt a great deal. I have also enjoyed returning to my school-boy fascination with history, and combining this knowledge with fictional stories loosely based on real life events.

Maybe I would use a different vendor to publish and distribute my novel; maybe I would price differently; maybe I would be more insistent on a book-return facility; maybe I would use a different book cover design. And with my second novel, expect me to be more patient in trying to find a Literary Agent who will partner with me to sponsor, distribute and market my novel.

The point of this blog is to convey my willingness to share my experiences with anyone who is in the same situation that I was a year ago. Please contact me through my website at if you have questions or issues that you think I can assist with. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to “An Unplanned Encounter”.

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