Celebrating D-Day June 6, 1944


My novel, “An Unplanned Encounter”, published March 2014, continues to sell and continue to receive very positive reviews. I shall be conducting a “meet and greet” at my local (Corte Madera, CA) Barnes and Noble from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm on Saturday June 21st. Organized publicity and word of mouth seem to be the best ways of advertising the novel’s existence. The story would likely never have happened if it were not for D-Day 1944. Jock McGregor in the novel was building the last bomber airfield to open in Yorkshire in 1943; it opened in May 1944 and was able to add to the bombing of Nazi-occupied Europe in advance of D-Day. Because bombing often harmed innocent civilians little recognition is given to this important aspect of warfare during World War II. As we remember those that died 70 years ago as the Allies invaded Europe, we should also remember those that gave their lives earlier as the American Air Force and Royal Air Force endeavored to limit the military might of the Nazis in preparation for D-Day.  To all the fathers that left us at that time – Thank You and God Bless.”

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