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My novel, An Unplanned  Encounter, recently received the following endorsement:

B W – Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“I was deeply moved by this novel. Wonderfully put together, and hard to believe it’s the author’s first novel. So much detail and description historically and personally of how they lived during 1943 and onwards .The story revolves around the struggle for the main character Mary Louise to keep her child.

We see deeply into the lives of Mary Louise and several of the other main characters in the story. The huge determination she had to keep her son against all the odds. At that time there was still always strong feelings about what was right and wrong and what would the neighbors, the Church and everyone would think .The stupid ignorant feeling that any baby born out of wedlock was bad. The woman was raped, she had been unwise to keep quiet at the time but understandable in the situation.
Against the wishes of just about everyone Mary Louise’s strong love and determination shows throughout this moving story of being disowned, of intense hardship and the fight to keep her child.
Woven around the story there are a lot of interesting details relating to the airfields and the running of them. The people involved with planning and running them. The needs of the local people and what they lost because of the urgent needs for more airfields.

Having been a child born at that same period of time I can understand quite a few of the difficulties this woman had to deal with in her life. Her love and courage for her son was amazing.
Give this book four stars and will recommend.”


Several other reviews have arrived from people who I do not know, expressing similar sentiments. This is encouraging. It is fine to contact people to provide “blurbs of praise” to be included in your novel, but you the author have censorship rights over these. Similarly reviews from friends posted on Amazon and other book sale sites may be argued as giving biased opinions. My appreciation goes out to those reviewers who, unsolicited, give their time to read your book, and then provide an objective and impartial review to would-be readers to help them decide which books to review of the millions available.

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  1. I was moved to tears after reading a segment on the daily mail. I will order my copy right away. Jonathan I have so much respect for your mother being so courageous at such a difficult time. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and moving story. You always have to look at the bright side of every negative that goes on in life . Jonathan you had a mom many only dream of and you are a blessing. This story will help young girls facing a similar situation. God bless very inspirational

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