Trying to Get Lucky


Just home from a long weekend celebrating my birthday with my family. It was a delight to spend time with my two children, their spouses, and four grandchildren.

As I settle back home I watch the sales of my novel “An Unplanned Encounter; Two Lives Forever Changed” slowly increase. I am struck by the notion that “luck” is the catalyst of success. I have already discovered that the media is more interested in how I came to write my historical fiction and how I discovered the circumstances of my birth, rather than on the actual narrative in my novel. I wasn’t expecting this. So far all radio interviews and discussions with newspapers have taken this direction. I am not sure what will happen. But I think it is important to accept your destiny in whatever way it occurs, and to enjoy the best of what you can accomplish, whatever that might be. Thank you to those of you who have helped nudge my book forward to success. And if my book is successful, I will continue to write. However, for Novel #2, I hope to find an Agent who will sponsor and advocate for me.”

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