Facebook vs. LinkedIn


I recently reconnected through LinkedIn with someone I stupidly demanded work Thanksgiving Day 35 years ago. This occurred during my first year living and working in the United States. My “English” mind told me that Thanksgiving was little more than a souped-up version of a Church Harvest Festival. My colleague abandoned his family that day and came in to work.

Several weeks later he abandoned me and quit his job. This has me wondering why LinkedIn does such a great job of restoring connections with past work colleagues whereas I don’t experience the same with Facebook in restoring friendships and acquaintances from my social past. Maybe no one in this category wishes to reconnect with me?!! Or maybe I am not using the “Like” symbol frequently enough, or maybe I am just incompetent and don’t know how to extract the best from Facebook? Maybe I need help?

I’m getting there with the social media stuff. It all takes time. I hope you take a moment to connect with me on Facebook. You can find my author page here.

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