Mother’s Day


Yesterday, March 30th, is Mother’s Day in England. It occurs annually on the fourth Sunday in Lent. It is the day that I need to remember Mary Louise, the primary character in An Unplanned Encounter.

If you look at the novel’s front cover you will see the old farmhouse and the river to its east. Just behindĀ  the farmhouse – out of sight – is the church that acts as Mary Louise’s final resting place. It was constructed in 1850 and is dedicated to St John the Evangelist. This small hamlet is twinned with avillage that lies on the opposite side of the river.

Long time ago, so I recall, a group of villagers returning on the ferry from carol singing in this village were lost and drowned in the river. I believe this event was one of the motives for constructing St John’s to give local parishioners the ability to attend church without having to ferry across the river.”

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