Just Back from My Journey and My Book Is Ready

New Cover-front

I just returned home from a trip to New Zealand and Australia. Picture me sitting in a Sydney Hotel, reviewing my book manuscript, and what do I find? A large stupid typo.

It was on an image and not in the main text, but once you see it you can’t get it out of your mind. But now it is fixed – for a small fee by Lulu.com. Looks as if I’m now going global! The book is up on Kindle and at the Lulu.com bookstore. These can be accessed directly through my website at jonathanhusband.com or by the links in this blog.

I’m very excited and really hope people give it a read. It’s called An Unplanned Encounter and focuses on a woman’s right to choose, the European bombing campaign during World War II, how actions in life have consequences – sometimes forever, and how events in history continue to be relevant today. This is my first effort an authorship. Hopefully it won’t be my last!

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