How I Decided to Write My Book


First, let me just say, welcome back to my site and I’m glad you found my blog. I will be updating regularly now, so please check back often.

I really wanted to see if I was capable of writing a book and become an author less than a year ago as I was planning my retirement from the University of California.

I was curious to know if I had the capability to not only to write a novel, but whether I had the imagination to develop the story line. I began writing in June 2013, during my last month of work. I discovered that I enjoyed the historical research and when I would struggle with the story I would wake up in the middle of the night with the answer.

It was as if my parents, both now deceased, were talking to me and offering solutions. It took four months until mid-September 2013 to write the book. Earlier, during my corporate career, I had obtained some sense that I could achieve this objective. I thoroughly enjoyed attending Creative Writing classes with my son at his High School, and my Myers Briggs leadership assessment always pointed out a creative streak in me that I had so far failed to use.

When my father faked his death and disappeared to the Island of Jersey off the south coast of England, it was to pursue an interest in painting and leave behind a career as a civil engineer. This was another sign that my goals were achievable. It is now up to the readers of my book to judge me and offer direction on whether to stay an author or to consider returning to Human Resources management.

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