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I write the preamble only weeks before one of those important birthdays that celebrate the start of another decade of life. Some seventy years ago I was an occupant of my mother’s womb, with no comprehension of what was about to happen and how I had arrived in this world. Abortion had been eliminated, adoption was being aggressively advocated, and the fall-back plan was placement in a Government Agency where my future would depend on bureaucratic decisions and convenience. My mother resisted all of these choices, as you will read about in the book.

Were her decisions at the time driven by personal values and an understanding of the consequences? I doubt that they were. I suspect that they were more emotionally driven and that she hoped to deal with life’s challenges when they presented themselves. Clearly she fell in love with her baby and tolerated mental and physical harm as a consequence. Yet I know from others that later in life my mother strongly believed in abortion when pregnancy occurred outside of wedlock, even when it clearly was a love-child. I regard myself as fortunate and privileged to be here today and to be able to write this introduction. At the same time I am a supporter of a woman’s right to choose, but I believe that this decision should be an informed one, and not an entitlement based on a selfish act of convenience. While I am present today, I bear witness to the disruption and harm caused by my arrival and survival. This disruption may not have been of my choosing but it cannot be scrubbed from my consciousness.

There are many other issues contained in the book that are relevant today. Remember, this is a novel of historic fiction but is based on true events. There are matters of human relationships, advancements in medical science, how the war environment in Europe at the time impacted decisions taken, paternity responsibilities, the legal system, and how life can evolve irrespective of any planning. I welcome feedback on the book. I hope you enjoy the read. Thank you for your interestJonathan R. Husband

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  1. John, I am forever grateful to you for writing this book – it encompasses a time when life was very simple. People were set in their ways, and women had yet to experience the power that they hold now. Your story is wonderfully written and I encourage people to read it. Most of all it is a privilege to be in a position where you can reflect and understand and have the courage to face your
    past and share it with others. You are very lucky!! Hope everyone will read your story!! Michelle S.

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